RGM Cranes stocks a wide range of components and spare parts that form a critical part of our offering to our clients. Every one of our suppliers are thoroughly researched and tested for quality and reliability, their performance being constantly monitored through the internationally recognized ISO quality management system. Whether you need spares for maintenance or breakdowns or are embarking on a new project that requires a complete new building and cranes, RGM Cranes have the products and expertise to walk with you through every step of your journey to a successful and complete project.

Crane Kits

So you have your own fabrication capability and would like to save costs on your new overhead crane? Excellent! RGM Cranes has the solution to suit your needs and your budget.

Crane Parts

RGM Cranes stocks a  comprehensive range of spare parts and through our years of experience we have built up a very refined stockholding of spare parts for cranes that include:


The hoist is the heart or engine room of any lifting application and RGM Cranes covers the full spectrum from 500kg up to 80 tons in standard configurations.


Our lifting equipment division was formed to complete our turnkey offering to our clients by supplying high quality lifting and rigging equipment.

PVC Flat Cable

RGM Cranes stocks a full range of PVC flat cables designed for running on trollies that run along a track mounted beside the crane girder or lifting beam (festoon system).