Electric Chain Hoists

RGM Cranes has a comprehensive range of electric chain hoists suited to a broad range of applications. Electric chain hoists are the most commonly used hoist type in South Africa, helping to improve efficiency across diverse industries and applications.

As the sole distributor of Güralp and the manufacturer of Surelift SY chain hoists, no other service provider is better suited to ensure you have the ideal product for your specific needs and budget. Quality and reliability are our utmost concerns, and we use only the best technology when designing and manufacturing – and we look for the same qualities in the products we import and distribute.

How do electric chain hoists work?

As the name suggests, the lifting mechanism of an electric chain hoist is a chain which moves over a sprocket. The primary benefit is that they are able to lift loads straight up with no lateral movement. They are commonly used for light to medium loads and are ideally suited to use in assembly operations, on a workstation crane, with a jib crane, or for maintenance operations. They are a simple, easy-to-use solution to increase productivity in your workspace and operations.

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Benefits of electric chain hoists

Electric chain hoists have a compact, easy-to-install design. They offer high-efficiency, at an affordable cost. Even in demanding conditions the right one will ensure a smooth and steady vertical lift, with a high degree of precision.

Work with the experts

The RGM Cranes sales professionals have a wealth of knowledge on the best product applications for different industries and workspaces. We are able to offer guidance on the most suitable electric chain hoist solution based on a thorough understanding of your specific needs. RGM Cranes are also suppliers of expert support services and crane parts for a vast range of chain hoists from other brands. We make it our business to keep your business functioning optimally at all times through proper maintenance and a 24-hour emergency support service for our clients. Get in touch with us by filling in the contact form or give us a call for professional guidance on the most cost-effective and appropriate electric chain hoist solution for your business.

We Offer a Range of Guralp Products

Güralp Electric Chain Hoists

The Güralp hoist range is a flagship chain hoist offering in the RGM Cranes product arsenal and a must-have for production lines looking for efficiency and precision. These are both aesthetically pleasing and robust, with a modular design for easy maintenance and servicing. The result of extensive research, the final product meets even the highest global standards.

Güralp understands one of the most important considerations for crane users is the headroom for the hoist. As a result, Güralp Electric has one of the lowest headrooms thanks to a uniquely designed, ergonomic control panel.

The body of a Güralp electric chain hoist is made of high-quality, light-weight aluminium alloy, ideal for even the toughest working conditions. Each unit uses a Pewag hoist chain, which is widely recognised as the strongest hoisting chain type in the world. 

When you choose a Güralp electric chain hoist, you are choosing:

  • Superior German technology and engineering
  • Maximum safety
  • Compact, aesthetically pleasing design
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Greater longevity
  • Low running costs

Unsurpassed safety features

When heavy loads are involved, safety is of the utmost concern. This is why Güralp are designed with multiple advanced safety features, including:

  • A micro limit switch for overwind protection.
  • Slipping clutch to prevent overloading. Adjustment free for approximately 20 000 slip cycles at an average activation time of 1.5 seconds.
  • Programmable limit switch for automated applications.
  • Corrosion-resistant, electro-magnetic brake.
  • Less than 80 millisecond reaction time for brake activation after a DC circuit switch
  • Brake stopping distance of less than 40mm at high and low speeds.

Unrivaled support

All the features and benefits of the superior Güralp electric chain hoist products come fully supported by RGM Cranes. We keep the full range of spare parts on hand at all times in order to give our clients the highest level of after-sale support and service, with turnkey solutions for all your lifting requirements.

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For further information on the full range on Güralp and other related products, don’t hesitate to contact us at RGM Cranes. Our team are expertly trained and well-versed in all the technical specifications and will be able to guide you through the process of selecting and customising the ideal solution to suit your business needs. 

We Offer a Range of Surelift SY Products

Surelift SY Electric Chain Hoists

RGM Cranes designs and manufactures Surelift SY Electric Chain Hoists, the most commonly sold hoist type in South Africa. This range covers the low to mid-range duty spectrum and simple and robust in their design. The no-nonsense finishes make this chain hoist range a very popular solution for a broad range of everyday lifting and handling needs across industries.

Key product features

Surelift SY is the preferred lifting solution for a broad cross-section of businesses for a number of reasons. Key product features include:

  • Lightweight aluminium casing and cooling fan for quick heat dissipation
  • Actuating limit which prevents overwind and underwind
  • Low voltage control panel with a 24v control voltage
  • Enhanced usability and safety
  • Optional remote control unit (available in 380v or 525v three-phase supply voltage)
  • Dual braking device (with both an electromagnetic hoist brake and conventional hoist brake) for additional safety
  • FEC80 ultra heat-treated aluminium alloy chain
  • Hot forged industrial strength hook with safety catch

Assistance in choosing the right solution

Your lifting solution will be an essential part of your day-to-day operations, and selecting the right one for your needs is critical. That’s why RGM Cranes has a team of expert sales professionals, each with extensive knowledge of our full range of products and services which they’ll use to help guide you in your choice, and save you money in the long run.

These are the key things to consider when selecting the right Surelift SY Product

  • Required capacity – based on current and future needs
  • Lifting speed – depending on production output needs
  • The height of lift – highly dependent on building height
  • The type of material being lifted and work environment
  • Duty cycle – how often the chain hoist will be operating per day
  • Budget – consider more than just the initial cost, think about maintenance too
  • Get a guarantee – the warranty a manufacturer or supplier is willing to put behind their product is a sign of its quality.

24 Hour Emergency Breakdown Service

Exceptional support

RGM Cranes believes in offering comprehensive, turnkey solutions for our clients’ lifting requirements. Beyond being a high-quality chain hoist manufacturer and supplier, we also pride ourselves on offering exceptional after-sale support and maintenance services. We keep a complete selection of Surelift SY crane parts available at all times for the fastest repair turnaround time. Our team are also available 24 hours a day for emergencies – always on call to ensure your production line keeps moving.

Talk to us

Our team would love the opportunity to assist you in providing further information on the full Surelift SY Electric Chain Hoist range and related products. Get in touch with us today and an expert salesperson will be able to assist you.