Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Güralp GMD Electric Wire Rope Hoists

RGM Cranes are the exclusive distributors and suppliers of the flagship Güralp GMD range of electric wire rope hoists in South Africa. Ranging in capacity from 1-80 tons and classified according to FEM standards, these electric wire rope hoists are designed with all modern applications in mind.

Güralp are international leaders in wire rope hoist manufacture, with a reputation for technological innovation, research, development and, above all else, quality. The Güralp GMD electric wire rope hoist range includes stationary, monorail trolley and double girder trolley hoists.

Advanced product features

Each wire rope hoist in this range features a compact, ergonomic design which allows the hoist to function in even narrow spaces and the lowest headroom. The Güralp GMD range also features enhanced automation and proven longevity.

Just some of the advanced product features include:

Programmable control unit

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) enables monitoring of FEM data including running time, work cycles, motor starts and emergency stops. This visibility of data helps ensure proactive maintenance can prevent breakdowns and avoid any potential down time. Fault recordings make identifying and correcting faults a much quicker process.

Anti-Sway System Programmable Control Unit

On the standard linear ramps used for horizontal crane motions, the load can sway during acceleration and deceleration. This swaying or oscillation can cause problems for control and positioning. The anti-sway applications offered in the Güralp GMD range increase safety, protect the load and the hoist – reducing maintenance.

Anti-Crab System

Stress and accelerated wear can occur on the wheels of a crane when the rails are uneven, the wheels are different sizes, misaligned, or when wheels slip on the rail due to unbalanced loads. The anti-crab system is able to detect the speed the crane moves over the rail, and adjusts to prevent slipping or misalignment.

Load Dependent Speed Control

Through the load cell on the electric wire rope chain hoist, the system recognises if it is loaded or not. The speed is adjusted proportionally to the load, increasing as the load decreases, decreasing as the load increases.

With Radio Remote Control

An optional radio remote control allows you to monitor the weight handled, errors, warnings and other system status information.

Electronic Overload Control

As an additional safety feature, the Güralp GMD electric wire rope hoists have a built-in overload application which stops the system when overloaded.

Variable Frequency Drive

This feature provides speed control for when the crane is accelerated or decelerated, ensuring softer stops and starts to avoid shocks and impacts for increased longevity.

Backed by superior support service

While the Güralp GMD Electric Wire Rope Hoist technology and features are best-in-class, so is the RGM Cranes support service. As the sole distributor of Güralp in South Africa, our technicians have expert knowledge in the installation and maintenance of these products.

RGM Cranes also keeps full stock of all spare parts, while offering a 24-hour emergency service to our clients. In addition, our team will conduct all necessary preventative maintenance on your equipment, ensuring your business is running smoothly and downtime is kept to a minimum, even in the event of an emergency.

Talk to the experts

If you are interested in the Güralp GMD range of electric wire rope hoists, our team are eager to assist in finding the right solution for your business. We’ll guide you through the process of selecting the right product, customising it as needed for your workspace and ensuring a smooth installation process. Fill in the contact form, or give us a call today to receive a custom quote and expert advice.