Crane Services

Equipped with the largest service team in the country, RGM Cranes offers a complete turnkey package to our clients. From our LMI accredited technicians to our coded welders, we have the necessary combined skill sets to carry out crane servicing, upgrades to existing cranes, attend to crane breakdowns at all hours and carry out annual load tests to name just a few of our specialized offerings.

24 Hour Breakdown Service

RGM Cranes assures you of the best possible crane availability with a reliable around the clock standby service for any breakdown that you may have.

Crane Upgrades

When the basic structure of a crane is in satisfactory condition but the aged nature of some components are causing downtime …

Load Testing

Overhead cranes should be load tested annually as specified by OHS regulations. RGM Cranes is equipped with 200 tons of static…

Service Inspection

RGM Cranes will keep you on the safe side of the law by providing comprehensive services of your cranes every 6 months as required by law.