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What Is A Chain Block?

The Beginners Guide

A Chain Block which is also referred to as a manual or hand chain hoist was devised as a tool to assist individuals to lift and lower loads which exceed the limits of an individual, very common in the industrial work sector across South Africa and the world over.


What is a Chain Block made up of?

A chain block is comprised of a chain wheel driven by hand with a non-loadbearing chain. The chain wheel drives a simple gearing mechanism which drives a sprocket wheel. The sprocket wheel contains the load chain which is cut to required length according to the users requirement. A hook or bottom block it then attached to the load chain. Loads are either lifted directly with an integrated lifting lug or through the utilisation of a sling.

What is a Chain Block used for?

A Chain block is used on the lower end of the duty spectrum in both load capacity and in frequency of use. Chain blocks are commonly used to offload or position material where the frequency of use is very low ie. 1 or 2 times per day and less. Once the frequency is higher it becomes more efficient to consider electric units.

What is a Chain Block’s lifting capacity?

As stated above, a manual chain hoist is used from applications where frequency of use is typically low. Having said that, a chain block can be used in capacities as high as 20 tons but this will, as stated, be in an application where a lift is done very seldomly or as a once off lift.